Green Choice Cleaning Services


 “At Green Choice Cleaning Services our mission is to remain a growing business providing quality construction support, safely and responsibly.”

 “Our Vision is to be the first choice for those who share our values.”

 About Us

We are a privately owned corporately managed cleaning service provider. We offer a broad range of cleaning and integrated support services for construction companies, designers, corporate offices and retail clients throughout the Miami area.

​We take the time to understand each of our client’s needs, in order to ensure that they receive the best possible bespoke cleaning services for their premises. Our cleaning staff are well trained, motivated and supported by a team of local, knowledgable and experienced operational managers.

​Specializing in all phases of construction cleanup from rough to final, we have the experience and resources to fully handle any size construction cleanup project. Specialized equipment and personnel enable us to quickly and efficiently get the job done. You will also save time with our fast debris removal services and land clearing.


Success in community construction requires the ability to balance vision with not just technical expertise and experience, but the personal talent to deliver the very best solutions. This is why our people are essential. 

Performance is certainly important on-site but also throughout all business activities.

We always conduct ourselves with professionalism, courtesy, integrity, respect, honesty, safety, quality team work, and long lasting relationships to maintain our high ethical standards.